We are now starting posts for reviews on video-games! Hope you enjoy! We hope to help in the purchasing of games along with providing an enjoyable read that supplies not only in-depth criticism, but also an idea of what kind of game it is, and what kind of player would enjoy it.
Stunning graphics and loveable characters with free flying physics that don't all quite live up to its first impressions.
Me and Harsulin's Ghost have enjoyed making stories with each other for a long time. Our first story was an extension to the Lego® Bionicle® storyline...
Well if you know anything about Katharos Tech, (which you probably don't) you might know that we have always entertained the idea of starting a tech business that would make video games.
OK, so why have I posted a senseless quote from somebody that you have never heard of? Well, for one, the reason you've never head of Jules Webster is because he's not an actual person. Jules Webster is the name we have given to an experiment in Machine Learning.
Some months ago we watched an amazing documentary on Netflix called Print the Legend. It told the story of a few different companies and their path towards building 3D printers.