An epic storyline, strong characters, and a world near doomed in a game boasting a specially unique gameplay experience.
An open-world adventure based around the physics of space and its unlimited possibilities. Fly to the farthest points of the solar system and discover the untold secrets of an advanced civilization.
A 2D, top down, tower defense game that is totally free, with great logistic implementations and polish, as well as a course creator that gives you all your basic needs plus more.
In the last few weeks we have done a lot of internal reorganization. Included in this reorganization is the migration of Arsenal's issue tracking to Taiga. Scripting direction has changed as well as we decide to start porting amethyst_core to Legion.
An enchanting game that somebody once described as a playable poem, Child of Light brings a unique experience that will not be soon forgotten.
After getting our first POC release for Arsenal out, we haven't stopped working towards getting it ready to make real games. Our next step is integrating scripting support so that you can add game logic.
Arsenal is a new, work-in-progress Blender game engine being developed by Katharos Technology. Built on top of the Amethyst game engine, Arsenal seeks to bring together the power of Blender, Amethyst, and the Rust game development community to provide a powerful and easy-to-use game engine.
A true classic by many peoples standards, I could hardly describe a game that deserves such esteem more than Super Metroid. A masterpiece full of detail and challenge that simply begs to be played, then played again.
Human Fall Flat is a great game with variety of very fun physics all including aspects of platforming, puzzle, and many more unique obstacles that implement vehicles and other physics objects to make it truly enjoyable