About Us

Katharos Technology is a team that wants to make video games and other content to the glory of God. Everything that we make will be something that we believe our God and Father would approve of.

We are a passionate group of people who have a real desire to provide content for the gamer that isn't targeted at making the most money, but at providing the most value possible. We have grown tired, not only of all of the inappropriate content in today's games, but also of the fact that there are less and less games that are made just to be fun. We want to give customers all of the things that we have spent years asking, in vain, for other people to provide. We want to show our values in our games and bring glory to our God who enables us to do all that we do and to whom we owe everything.

Katharos means "Pure" in Greek and is the word that Jesus uses when he says "Blessed are the pure in heart" ( Mat 5:8 ). At Katharos Technology we strive for pure innovation. The world of computers and Open Source software allows everyday people to accomplish amazing things and we want to use these tools to represent our beliefs in a field that is largely exploited for impure purposes. Our games won't necessarily be "Bible games" so to speak, but our spirit and beliefs will shine through just as the values of other studios shine through in their games.

Making a video game is one of the most complex software undertakings that there is. It involves so many different facets both artistic and technical and they must all be brought together into a cohesive unit. It is an enormous task to try to accomplish and we don't know how long it will be before our first game is released, but we are trusting God to show us his direction. Our ultimate goal is to bring Him glory; if this is not accomplished, then there is no purpose for Katharos Technology to exist. If it is His will for Katharos Technology to continue, then He can and will provide us what we need.

Let God get the credit for all we accomplish and let His will be done through us. Praise the Lord!