We've wanted to make our own video games for a long time and one of the biggest concerns was what engine we would use to make them. Even though I'm a good programmer, it isn't like I want to write my own game engine. We want the head-start of starting with something that somebody has already created, so that we can get right to making our game.

There are couple of really cool looking engines out there like Cryengine, Unity, and Unreal Engine, but they have restrictive licenses that don't work well for our idea of making Open Source games as well as commercial games. They charge royalties or impose other restrictions on people who use their engine. We wanted an Open Source engine that anybody could use without charge and that we could hack to our heart's content.

We've tried out Godot, which seemed really cool at first, but it also seemed to have very low performance in 3D. Their scripting language, GDScript, also seemed limited when you had to write C++ to do anything that couldn't be implemented in GDScript.

After a long time of scouring GitHub I finally stumbled upon Armory3D. It is amazing. The Armory website gives a pretty good preview of what it is. It is extremely flexible and 90% of the code that you will ever have to write is in the Haxe programming language, which is much more friendly than C++. I can hardly believe all of the awesome points of the engine and I am confident that we have found the engine for our games.

Armory is still a work in progress, but it is progressing very quickly. I'm even working on modding. When it is done we should have one of the easiest modding workflows ever!