In the last few weeks we have done a lot of internal reorganization. Included in this reorganization is the migration of Arsenal's issue tracking to Taiga.

Taiga is an Open Source issue tracking and project management tool. It has similar capabilities to GitHub's own issue tracker, but it also has other features such as Epics and Story points.

The largest motivation to switch to Taiga was the fact that it was fully Open Source and we could host it ourselves for our private projects while using the public instance for our public projects. This means that our team doesn't have to learn two different ways to mange issues for our private and public projects.

We have disabled the GitHub issue tracker and Taiga is now the only way to create issues for Arsenal. Our issue management workflow is outlined in the Taiga project's wiki. The switch to Taiga will hopefully help our community get a better insight into what we are doing and help us to be more productive as we develop Arsenal.

Amethyst Scripting Effort

Work for the Amethyst scripting effort has changed direction a little bit. Instead of working on implementing a scripting API for Amethyst's current ECS, Specs, we are investigating porting Amethyst to use the Legion ECS, which already has a scripting API.

Legion is not fully ready to replace Specs in Amethyst yet, but work is being done on adding the missing features. ( Here is a relevant comment where movement in this direction started. ) Katharos Technology plans specifically to work on porting amethyst_core to Legion so that we can begin to get a proof-of-concept for using Legion in an actual Amethyst game.