Arsenal is a new, work-in-progress Blender game engine being develop by Katharos Technology. Built on top of the Amethyst game engine, Arsenal seeks to bring together the power of Blender, Amethyst, and the Rust game development community to provide a powerful and easy-to-use game engine.
Me and Harsulin's Ghost have enjoyed making stories with each other for a long time. Our first story was an extension to the Lego® Bionicle® storyline...
OK, so why have I posted a senseless quote from somebody that you have never heard of? Well, for one, the reason you've never head of Jules Webster is because he's not an actual person. Jules Webster is the name we have given to an experiment in Machine Learning.
Some months ago we watched an amazing documentary on Netflix called Print the Legend. It told the story of a few different companies and their path towards building 3D printers.