Face It is an concept that I developed just a bit ago that is a simple program with a nice UI for creating cartoon characters from a selection of facial features.

It would be like Nintendo's Mii Maker, only this would be open source with improvements in the number of facial features, color selections, and everything else; also adding things like apparel to customize your character. Being made in armory, Face It would be moddable allowing you to change sets of features, add new ones, and change UI themes. Face It would also be a useful tool for video-games in general as it would supply a number of animations for the character and allow for a blender export of the model, letting you use it possibly as a test character in game production; or, if your game is meant to have custom characters, it would supply them. The possibilities are endless.

However, in addition to this I also had an idea for a game that would use this program. I have no name for the game at the time, but the purpose of the game would be a mostly laid-back or casual gameplay, with an open world to do pretty much whatever you want with your character that you make in Face It. An online multiplayer mode would be available to let you goof off with each other in the group of sports type physics like soccer, golf, tennis, and even paintball, to bring around where you want in the world. Along with the sports type physics it would also include fun rigid body type physics in a large selection of vehicles, and even normal objects across the world. It does not have an overhanging objective other than to just have fun and explore, and though there may be small objectives of collectibles and/or other things, the gameplay would be made so it wouldn't need it. That kind of gameplay compares somewhat to "Human Fall Flat", where the point is more just to mess around.

If Face It were to ever be made, there would probably be a marketplace of sorts where people can share their Face It characters and there apparel and mods. The marketplace also could have an integration with the game that you can interact with things on the marketplace.

Personally, I've loved the idea and would love for it to become a reality, but is currently un-achievable cause the lack of deck hands. I started the git repo a bit ago but had to take it off cause I didn't have enough time or skill to make the assets :)