Me and Harsulin's Ghost have enjoyed making stories with each other for a long time. Our first story was an extension to the Lego® Bionicle® storyline. We created new back stories for some of the existing characters and created our own characters as well.

We thought and talked for hours and hours about how our characters would fit into the existing official story and how everything would play out. Harsulin, at the time, wanted to write a book about it. It was our first story and even though it was a while ago that we made it, we still think it was a great story.

I had a problem with the story, though: it depended on the Bionicle® story to work. That in and of itself wasn't as much a problem, but in order to appreciate, or even understand a lot of the story, you would have to have an in depth knowledge of the official Bionicle story. You would have to do a lot of reading and maybe even a lot of searching on a Bionicle® wiki before you had enough context to appreciate the story. Even though we understood and loved the story, it was going to be hard for anybody else to.

In that light, I wanted to start a new original story that didn't depend on anybody else's. It started as a little Eskimo drawing Harsulin made on his math paper and turned into our first original story concept. At first the drawing was for a 2D video game idea so when I told my brothers and friend that I wanted to make a story out of it they were like, "You want to make a story out of the Eskimos?" Eventually, though, we came up with a basic story idea that we actually liked. It wasn't much, and we haven't really tried to finish it yet, but it had character and it started our first efforts at making our own completely original stories.

It was also our first step into 3D designing a character. That was years ago, and we hardly knew anything about our 3D tool, Blender, at the time, but it was fun and we made our first character model ( the head turned into a nightmare that we never want to bring up again ).

It was but the first of a growing series of stories that we hope to one day be able to manifest as video-games, books, movies or whatever we can manage! Looking back it is amazing to see how far we have come and I thank God that he has led us to where He has. I pray that He will continue to lead us and bless all the work that we commit to Him for His glory.