As the Chief Technology Lead, Zicklag's job is to make sure that all the technology at Katharostech is awesome. He oversees development practices, software architecture decisions, and just about everything else that involves computers. He makes sure that what the company does makes sense for its technological direction.

Zicklag teaches our servers how to manage themselves so he doesn't have to! It's said that they have to crash every once in a while just so that we can still call him the server manager. He loves to code and works on everything from the website to our video games.

Zicklag has spent many hours enjoying great video games with Harsulin's Ghost, Tekhnae Raav, and Opax. He is itching to finally help call the shots on games for Katharostech. He is great at searching for software, and horrible at looking for things around the house.

Harsulin's Ghost is co-founder and Chief User Experience Lead at Katharos Technology. It's his job to represent and protect those who recieve our products and services. As Head of Story he is also the company's primary writer.

Harsulin's Ghost spends lots of time developing characters, story, and plot for K-Tech games, as well as sketching characters and costume designs. He is always telling people what to do even though he doesn't expect them to listen. He likes bison, carmel, and has recently broken a curse that forbade him from winning rock paper scissors.

As the Chief Business Lead, Opax is responsible for ensuring alignment of our ventures with our goal to serve our Father. Many will question the feasibility of our excessive reliance on God’s Providence to run our business. But as Mr. Milton from the novel “In His Steps” by Charles Sheldon, stated wisely, “Intelligent unselfishness ought to be wiser than intelligent selfishness, don’t you think?”. Although our decisions must make business sense, they must make sense for the Kingdom first.

Sworn to protect the human race from the tyranny of manual processes. Transforming infrastructure and configuration of all kinds to code, and freeing humans from the clutches of spreadsheets, email, and change management.

Tekhnae Raav serves as the Community Leader, replacing the business leader in an Open Source project and ensuring that the project is productive and efficient. He makes sure the community is clean and organized while protecting the vision. He also influences the company in a number of other places and talent and is one of the co-founders of the project.

Tekhnae Raav specializes in game design, working out how games should work and function to ultimately make the game fun ( obviously ). He enjoys writing reviews on video-games, helping with various design questions around the company, and making small musical compositions.